Cash Management Solutions

Begin working with a Cash Management professional.

Managing cash flow is an essential part of your business. Our collaborative team of bankers will work with you to design a suite of Cash Management solutions that will support the daily operations of your organization, as well as its growth and expansion.

  • Increase operational efficiencies
  • Streamline receivables and payables
  • Manage cash flow
  • Concentrate balances
  • Prevent fraud
  • Design a prudent strategy for your shorter term cash balances
  • Maintain the safety and soundness of your assets
  • Strengthen the customer experience

Our team works with businesses across all industries and sectors, and brings a unique understanding of their banking needs and challenges. From municipalities, professional services and education, to healthcare and manufacturing, we can expertly assist the most complex organizations. 

To begin working with a Cash Management professional, please call 877-671-2265 or email

  • Information Reporting and Transaction Initiation

    Business Online Banking

    Conveniently and securely access your business accounts, initiate transactions, and launch numerous Cash Management modules using your computer. Enrollment in Enterprise Bank Business Online Banking required.

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    Business Mobile Banking

    Manage your business finances from your mobile device using the Enterprise Bank Business Mobile Banking App.

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  • Deposit Solutions

    Express DepositSM - Remote Deposit Capture

    Scan checks remotely and transmit the check data and images to the bank using Business Online Banking.

    ACH Debit Origination

    Automate your collection process by having your customers’ reoccurring payments debited from their accounts. Requires authorization from your customers.

    Merchant Card Services

    Receive payments by debit and credit cards via point-of-sale, virtual, mobile, and online solutions.

    US Dollar and Foreign Currency Wire Processing

    Accelerate the collection of incoming payments through our domestic and international wire transfer service.

    checXChangeTM - NSF Check Recovery

    Expedite the recovery of returned checks with ACH debits to automate the collection process.

    MA and NH IOLTA Accounts

    Lawyers and law firms can establish interest-bearing accounts for their client deposits held for a short period of time. Interest from lawyer trust accounts is pooled to provide civil legal aid to the poor and support improvements to the justice system.

    Escrow Management Services

    Reduce fees and streamline the operations of escrow accounts by maintaining one Master Account and opening sub-accounts for clients or tenants.

    Lockbox Services

    Eliminate mail processing and speed funds collection by directing customer payments to an exclusive post office box maintained on your behalf. A dedicated team will retrieve, process and deposit payments that can be posted to your accounts receivable system.

    Night Deposit Service

    Deposit money outside banking hours into the Night Deposit Vault when it is convenient for you. The next business day morning, our bankers will make the designated deposit(s) into your account.

    Coin and Currency Processing

    Efficiently deposit and access the cash needed to conduct day-to-day business. Our team will work with you to understand your operations and implement an optimal solution.

    Foreign Check Deposit Processing

    Deposit foreign checks into your account at any of our convenient branch locations (note that foreign checks take longer to clear than a check drawn off of a domestic bank). Enterprise Bank can also produce foreign drafts to multiple countries outside of the US.

  • Payment Solutions

    ACH Credit Origination

    Improve cash flow and streamline payments to employees and vendors, and transfer funds between accounts electronically using the secure Automated Clearing House (ACH) network of regional associations, inter-bank associations and private-sector processors.

    Check Reconciliation Services

    Reduce fraud, speed account reconcilement time, and streamline the escheatment process with system matching of clearing checks against your organization’s issue information.

    US Dollar and Foreign Currency Wire Transfers

    Send and receive time-sensitive US and foreign currency transactions in real-time.

    Corporate Purchasing and Travel & Entertainment Credit Cards

    Unify processing, simplify management, and maximize savings with corporate credit cards for procurement, employee purchases and travel and entertainment expenses. Eliminate the need for petty cash and cash advances, and receive detailed transaction data on every purchase. Fully integrates with your electronic reporting system. Access to the VISA® worldwide network helps employees purchase goods and services around the globe.

  • Cash Concentration and Investment Solutions

    Zero Balance Services

    Eliminate idle account balances, maintain greater control of sub-accounts, avoid overdrafts, and automate funds transfers between checking accounts with zero balance account (ZBA) services. ZBA services automatically transfer funds between sub-accounts and your master operating accounts to cover the exact amount of payments clearing.

    ACH Services to Concentrate Cash Balances

    Gather balances from accounts held with multiple institutions and concentrate funds in a centralized account.

    Money Market Accounts

    Earn interest and maintain convenient access to savings funds via check.

    Money Market Accounts with Enhanced FDIC Coverage-ICS® Money Market Account

    Gain additional security and earn competitive rates of interest on Money Market account balances above the general FDIC limits.

    Automated Overnight Sweep Services with Enhanced FDIC Coverage

    Ensure the safety and soundness of larger sweep account balances with higher FDIC account coverage limits.

    Certificates of Deposit

    Receive a guaranteed rate for the full term of your time deposit account. Minimum deposits and varying terms available. Subject to penalty for early withdrawal.

    CDARS® (Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service) with Enhanced FDIC Coverage

    Earn interest and access multimillion-dollar FDIC protection on Certificate of Deposit accounts.

    Full Investment Management Services through Enterprise Wealth Management*

    Create diversified investment portfolios, develop a successful business succession plan, and build an investment policy to meet current and future needs. Our experienced business advisors work cohesively with your team and attorneys to provide the resources and advice you need to move ahead.

  • International Solutions & Global Trade Services

    Incoming International US Dollar and Foreign Currency Wires

    Receive money electronically from parties overseas safely, securely, and quickly in US dollar or foreign currency. Use Enterprise Bank’s SWIFT code: EBTCUS33 for incoming international wire transfers.

    Outgoing International US Dollar and Foreign Currency Wires

    Send money electronically to parties overseas safely, securely, and quickly, in US dollar or foreign currency.

    Foreign Currency Purchases and Exchange

    Purchase or exchange over 70 different foreign currencies at any of our branch locations.

    Foreign Check Collection Processing

    Deposit checks into your Enterprise Bank account that were issued from a foreign bank or in foreign currency.

    Foreign Drafts

    Purchase foreign drafts in multiple currencies through our branch network.

    Letters of Credit

    Facilitate international trade with a letter issued on your behalf by Enterprise Bank to another financial institution (typically in a different country) to serve as a guarantee for payments.

    Documentary Collections

    A global trade solution where Enterprise Bank will forward documents and payment instructions to another financial institution on behalf of the customer.

  • Fraud Prevention Solutions

    Positive Pay for Check Payments

    Reduces check fraud by allowing only assigned items with matching serial numbers and dollar amounts from your account to be paid to the recipient.

    Token Authentication

    Customers are provided a portable security token that adds an additional layer of protection for ACH and Wire Transfers.

    Trusteer Fraud Protection Service

    Endpoint protection software designed to protect your PC or MAC from financial malware and phishing attacks.

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